12 Tips For Every Enthusiastic Personal Fitness Trainer!


You are a fitness enthusiast, and finally, you have decided to turn your passion into a rewarding career. Being a fitness trainer can mean a lot of work, and if you are unsure of where to start, here are the 12 tips you need to know.

  1. Get certified. Clients are more aware of personal training than ever before, and they want to know about their trainer. Get certified and trained from one of the leading institutes such as Origym, to start your career on the right note.
  2. Take up what you can. You may get a lot of enquiries, but do not take up every case. You need to focus on quality, especially when you are starting out. This is all about creating a brand of your own.


  1. Dress well. Always wear appropriate outfits when you are training your clients. If you have decided to a logo for your brand, get it printed on custom t-shirts, which will help with the promotions.
  2. Don’t ignore the smaller jobs. If you are new to fitness training, you may not get the best package, but don’t worry – things will change. Take up the smaller jobs, because ‘word of mouth’ can help in promoting your work.
  3. Focus on your personal regime. Fitness trainers need to work out regularly, because being in shape is not a choice in this business. You have to focus on personal fitness, so that clients can look up to you. An hour of running or gym training should be enough.
  4. Maintain a schedule. Too many clients and multiple classes on the same day can be confusing to say the least. Do make a notebook and maintain your schedule, so that you can plan your personal life, as well.

  1. Be professional. Being stern with your clients is more than essential. You have to be careful about their schedule and efforts, and therefore, it is always wise to avoid personal equations and relationships.
  2. Don’t play the ‘busy’ card. A fitness trainer should be around to take questions from their clients. This doesn’t mean you have to agree to them on everything, but do take calls and reply to emails on time.
  3. Ask for pre-payments. With a new client, it is always better to ask for pre-payments. You may have to be firm about this, because people do insist on seeing results before they pay you. Ask for at least a month’s advance.
  4. Be on time. If you have committed 4 pm to a client, make sure you are not late. Punctuality and discipline are two qualities that people learn from their fitness trainers, so follow what you intend to preach.
  5. Maintain your diary. Keeping a track of your clients, their goals, charts and diet plans can be a complicated job, and it is best to have a diary for everything. Note down the regular pointers, so that you don’t miss aspects that need attention.

  1. Have a personal life. Your career is just a part of your life. You need to make time for the things you love. Play a sport if you can, and try to take a small break every three to four months. Also, consider using the idle hours of the day for something more useful and productive.

Plan your career now, and you will never need to look back!