3 exercises to fortify the shoulders, of course


Once upon a time from our shoulder blades can we imagine the wings started? Maybe. What is certain is that strong shoulders are used to move better in everyday life and avoid injuries. Let’s see together what exercises to do to have strong shoulders and ready arms.

The importance of having strong shoulders

The idea of strong shoulders is often associated with that of contracted shoulders. Things are not exactly like that, on the contrary. Having strong shoulders means first of all safeguarding the rotator cuffs and the whole joint.

It is one of the most mobile joints of the body and for this reason, it can face various problems caused by wear.

Symbolically the shoulders are connected to the psychophysical solidity, to the resistance of the individual. A curiosity? In the Chinese medicine tradition, the shoulder girdle represents destiny; in ancient times the shoulder blades were used in divination arts to predict the future.

In the upward movement of the arms, there is, then, the representation of surrender, of unconditional submission, of acceptance of the superiority of the enemy but also, in the liturgies, of divinity Boldenone Undecylenate on california-muscles. Therefore a deposition of one’s “power” as a guarantee of submission or a sign of humility.

Turned, strong, well-designed, the shoulders are important in man as much in a woman. Alongside the tone, it is important that the skin is toned, hydrated and soft through simple tricks of natural cosmetics; for this, you can make a scrub at least once a month or use exfoliating creams based on microgranules after the shower.

Another suggestion: have them massaged by someone who loves and respects you. Even if the person in question is not a therapist, a professional masseur or the like, know that through the touch we relax the whole system and if the touch belongs to those who care for us in a selfless and strong way, the result is guaranteed.

A sport activity that gives remarkable well-being to the shoulders and back is swimming, of course. Don’t go too far, aim for a workout that improves strength and flexibility. Among the gentle internal activities, we mention tai chi chuan, which will help you understand how fundamental it is to move your shoulders feeling that the change starts from the center, that the abdominal area governs and moves the energy.

3 exercises to fortify the shoulders

First rule: do not start if you have not warmed up your body for at least 5 or 10 minutes. Avoid approaching these cold exercises. You can warm up as you wish; we always suggest putting the music that makes you feel good and dancing (especially if you are alone in the house) or jumping thinking of reaching a cloud if you are outdoors.

A good way to warm up, very holistic and “primitive”, is to act like animals, it would be said in English, to move to imagine yourself as an animal, feeling its strength, energy, power, agility (here, better not imagine a turtle, maybe this experiment is left to the final relaxation phase).

Once the body is ready you can perform one or two exercises or even the whole triplet:

  1. Push up.  To carry out this exercise correctly, the belly looks towards the floor, the hands are on the ground just below the shoulders. Legs slightly apart. Your only points of support are feet and palms, with the fingers of the hands looking forward and not outward. Hold the position for a few seconds by contracting your abs; come down and go up with your back straight. In the video at the bottom of the page you can see a series of push-ups not to be performed beyond number 5 without first hearing your personal trainer, but first of all your body.

  1. Side and front risers with weights. Spread your feet shoulder-width upright. The arms hold barbells or weights and are along the body. With neck and back straight, contract your abs, bring your arms sideways. The position for the fronts is the same but obviously the arms go forward (be careful not to go up too much, not exceeding the height of the shoulders). For the fronts, slightly bend your arms during lifting, to avoid injuries and to make the front deltoid work well.

Playing in front of the wall. So defined it seems an absurd exercise. In fact, we are suggesting that you keep a distance from the wall that is natural for your arm. You can really indulge yourself. Push against the wall as if you could move it, feeling all the strength of the abdomen. External thrust against the wall can also occur by placing a ball between you and the vertical surface. Here you can also play in another mode, sweet and very effective: to make your fingers walk up and down. It is also an exercise in proprioception that is not indifferent if you do it simultaneously with one hand walking down and the other upwards with your fingers.

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