5 Must-Try Crackling Sizzlers at Gola Sizzlers


Gola Sizzlers is one of the few restaurants in Delhi where the crackling sound and smoky smell of sizzlers can be enjoyed. They serve a variety of sizzlers in addition to an extensive range of dishes from North Indian, Mughlai, Chinese and Continental cuisines.

There is nothing better than sitting around with friends and having conversations over delicious meals. Foodies must visit this place in order to taste the mouth-watering sizzlers with unique taste.

Gola Sizzlers is one of the happening places of Delhi where along with food you can find a lot of youngsters, corporates, night birds and party beasts. In fact, the beautiful ambience with comfortable seating has been created keeping all age groups in mind.

It is the one-stop solution for every foodie where a whole lot of delicacies are available under one roof. If you love sizzlers, here are the 5 must-try crackling sizzlers, which you cannot miss tasting here at any cost.

Chicken Supreme Sizzler

Gola Sizzlers is known for its non-veg items and when it comes to Chicken Supreme Sizzler they prepare it in a unique way following a secret recipe. They use tender chicken in order to prepare it. This special dish is cooked on wood fire at a low temperature, which makes it perfect.

Fish Steak Sizzler

Most of the restaurants offer a wide range of chicken items, but Gola Sizzlers is unique in its way. They have come up with a new variety of non-veg sizzler called Fish Steak Sizzler. Marinated fish is cooked at a constant temperature and served hot to the customers. Gola Sizzlers is the only destination where you can taste this particular delicacy at its best. Fish sizzler is not a common item at restaurants, but the experienced chefs of Gola Sizzlers serve the best of these.

Chicken Balls Sizzler

If you are a diehard fan of chicken items but want to try something special and different, you must taste Chicken Balls Sizzler at Gola Sizzlers. You might have heard about Chicken Kebab, Chicken Tikka or Butter Chicken but might have never come across Chicken Balls Sizzler. Gola Sizzlers is the inventor of this yummy delicacy and only after having it, you will get to realise why it is the most demanded item at this restaurant.

Traditional Chicken Shashlik Sizzler

As the name suggests, it is a delicacy prepared by following traditional recipe. To prepare this, they use country chicken in order to maintain the same traditional taste. It is also one of the most liked items of Gola Sizzlers and is referred to as a royal dish of this restaurant.

Veg Seekh Kebab Sizzler

Under the veg sizzler list, there are number of delicacies among which Veg Seekh Kebab Sizzler is the most liked one. People come to Gola Sizzlers from every corner of Delhi in order to taste this special item. It is said that they serve this item with a unique twist in taste, which you cannot find in the entire Delhi NCR. They prepare it in a traditional way and serve it on a bed of vegetables with crispy parantha on the plate.

Gola Sizzlers is also known for offering the best-in-class service. Scrumptious sizzlers with a complete meal and excellent service will certainly make your dining experience a memorable one at this restaurant.