Breast augmentation can be really scary to think about. No matter how much one says it is harmless but still people fear the outcomes. That is because of some famous misconceptions that people have. Even then does one really think it is perfectly safe to get a ‘boob job’ and walk away smiling. That is why it is highly recommended that one discuss thoroughly with their respective doctors before proceeding further. If one opinion is not satisfactory then maybe get a second opinion just to be absolutely sure.

Breast augmentation is the procedure of altering one’s breast size and shape to our desire. In other words it is also known as a ‘boob job’. This procedure can and only should be done by a trained professional to avoid any mishaps or complications. The medical personnel would usually explain about how the procedure is going to be done and probably the patient has to sign a consent form. All details would be discussed thoroughly until patient has understood clearly about the entire procedure. So, basically there is nothing to worry about.

Breast augmentation especially implants have many misconception that makes one very confused and have the wrong perception. Following are a few common misconceptions.

  1. Hard to find a bra. This is one of the common misconception by many people out there. The implants used would always take into consideration the height and weight of the patient, body circumference, weight of the implants and other factors. There can always only be a certain size attained with breast implants. Therefore, there would not be any difficulty in searching for the right bra cup size to suit you. Bigger is not always the best choice when comes to breast implants.
  1. Implants need to be changed after 10 years. Another common misunderstanding that confuses a lot of people out there. Breast implants are a type of medical prosthesis and yes they do not last forever. However, there are no specific timeline or range that can be given to determine that the implants are spoiled. Usually, the replacement is required due to leakage, rupture or capsular contracture and these complications have no specific timeline.
  1. Implants are harmful during breastfeeding. This is a statement that has been shot down by many studies that had been done. Studies have clearly shown that there are no harm towards breastfeeding if the person has implants. Therefore, the babies have no potential medical risk that can affect them if their mother has breast implants.
  1. Silicone implants are unsafe. The FDA has clearly stated that the silicone implants are just as safe as the saline implants. Infact, silicone implants are much more desirable compared to saline implants as they give a much more natural look and feel. There is also a lesser risk of rupture with silicone implant compared to saline implant.
  1. Implants are measured by breast cup size. The doctors do not allow the woman to just choose their desired breast cup size. This is not how it works. The doctor takes into consideration the height and weight of the patient as well as the body circumference and the size of the implants. There can only be a certain size that is achieved with the help of the implants and not to a very huge size.

Maybe it’s about time we crawl out of our shells and look into these matters in a more professional manner because this treatment is easily available globally. South Asia as a whole has seen a rise in the market as well as the technology. Countries like Malaysia has been one of the most prominent committers of this trend. If you are looking for breast augmentation in Malaysia please consult with an expert who helps you in better way.