A Guide to Eating Sugary Foods Without Causing Tooth Decay


Overconsumption of sugary foods without regular dental hygiene might damage teeth. Unexpected problems like cavities, tooth sensitivity, and others in the same vein can arise. So, what can we do to stay out of this jam? A dentist Dexter MI can help you!

Follow these guidelines, and you can eat sugar without damaging your teeth.

  • Cut back on sugary foods.

Snacking on sugary foods should be reserved for special occasions. Sugar feeds the bacteria in your mouth, producing acids that erode tooth enamel and lead to cavities. Raw veggies, fresh fruit, and nuts are great healthy snack options when you are hungry. 

  • Be selective when selecting your candies.

Certain candies have a more significant potential to cause injury to your teeth compared to others, while every food containing sugar carries this risk. This phenomenon can be observed with sticky and viscous confections, which result in prolonged sugar retention in the oral cavity due to their adherence to the teeth. 

  • Enjoy dessert alongside your dinner.

Consuming sugar during mealtime, when saliva production is at its peak, is recommended. Sugar does not stay in the teeth as much when you eat and drink other things with it. Furthermore, cheese is an excellent accompaniment to sweets since it helps restore the mouth’s normal pH and neutralizes the acids from the sweets. 

  • Wash down those sugary delights with water.

Consuming sugary foods and drinks, such as soda, sports drinks, and orange juice, can lead to weight gain. Bacteria enjoy leftover food, but water washes it away. The acidic bacteria in your mouth might do more damage to your teeth if they are not diluted with water beforehand.

  • Wait 30–60 minutes after consuming sugar to brush your teeth.

Too rapidly brushing after consuming foods high in sugar or acid can wear down tooth enamel. Acids in your mouth erode tooth enamel immediately following food consumption. To hasten the erosion of your teeth by the acids, brush immediately after. Wait half an hour to allow saliva to neutralize some of the acids. If you can not wait 30 minutes to clean your teeth after eating acidic or sugary food, it is best to do it before you eat it and then drink some water.

  • Schedule dental exams regularly.

If you enjoy sugary foods, it is incredibly vital to maintain good oral hygiene by scheduling regular dental exams. In addition to brushing and flossing, a professional cleaner will remove tartar and plaque from your teeth during your checkup. Additionally, your dentist can identify and treat issues during your checkup before they escalate into more costly and complex procedures. 

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