A Newbie’s Guide to Using Vacuum Cleaner Accessories


A vacuum cleaner is a very efficient cleaning appliance when compared to conventional broom and mop. It sucks all the dirt and dust and leaves the place spick and span.

With the array of accessories that comes with a vacuum cleaner, there is no nook or corner left outside its grasp. The sheer variety of brushes and tools that come with the machine can be confusing or even overwhelming for new users. Thus, it is important for a new user to get himself acquainted with each and every accessory, the way it is to be used and its purpose:

Floor Brush

A floor brush is meant to be used to clean the floors. As floors are hard to clean and get dirty daily, this brush has the durability to withstand the wear and tear undergone while cleaning.

Upholstery Brush

The bristles of this brush are specially designed to work well on surfaces softer than the floor i.e. on carpets and furniture as they are long and brittle. Any kind of upholstery can be cleaned using this brush.

Ceiling Fan Brush

As the name indicates, this attachment is ideal for cleaning ceiling fans. It has a long tube at the end of which extends a wrap that can simultaneously clean both faces of a fan blade.

Crevice Tool

This is a rectangular tube tapering into a narrow end to suck dirt out of corners and other tight areas. It can also be used to clean areas between sofa seats and baseboards.

Extension Wand

This is an accessory used along with other brushes. Its only job is to further the reach of the vacuum cleaner.

Vertical Blinds and Mini Blinds Brushes

These brushes are unique in their design as they comprise of multiple small air-sucking bars placed in adjacency. The mini blinds brush is used to clean horizontal blinds and the vertical blinds brush can be used to clean vertical blinds.

Pet Tool

This accessory is designed to clean the furry coats of pet animals. They suck out not only the dirt, but also the fur hairs coming loose. However, before using a vacuum cleaner on a pet, it is important to ensure that the pet feels comfortable being cleaned this way.

Stair Cleaner Brush

This brush is especially needed for standing vacuums to prevent the need to lug the machine around to clean the entire staircase. It is mostly used along with the extension wand to clean long staircases.

Multi-Angled Brush

This brush is to be used on uneven and delicate surfaces. It is ideally made for broad dusting and so has the softest bristles of all. It can easily clean surfaces that are coarse or undulated as its face can be angled in any direction.

Drain Attachment

This accessory has a tube-like mouth to unclog tubes, drains, sinks and showers. This may not come readily with the main machine. You may have to buy it separately.

With the introduction of every new model of vacuum machine, innovative accessories are introduced in the market. At present, these are the common accessories that come with most vacuum cleaners.