All you need to Know about Anchor and Lollipop Breast Reduction


Have you ever heard about a reduction? When anything gets reduced, it means the thing is getting reduced in mass, volume and size. So, the breast reduction means the reduction in size, volume and mass. Breast reduction surgery is intended to do the anatomic and morphological changes in the breast. As there are several different procedures which can be used for breast reduction but the most popular procedures are anchor breast reduction and lollipop breast reduction.

As the surgery means that the procedure will involve invasions. So, it requires a lot of emotional and mental strength to get the procedure done. Apart from bearing the painful physical complaints, the women have to be overall strong because, without strength, it is very difficult to get the procedures done.

Breast reduction surgery or breast surgery is the procedure which is gaining more popularity day by day. This is because the procedure allows the big changes in mind and soul. The women divide to get this procedure because the heavy breasts can lead to emotional issues, social phobias and physical pain. In past times, people used to believe in the nonsurgical methods of breast reduction but these methods were time taking. This is why these surgical procedures are gaining popularity in the market.

Anchor Breast Reduction:

  • The alternative name of the anchor breast reduction is anchor incision reduction, full breast reduction, keyhole reduction, wise pattern reduction.
  • This procedure differs from the lollipop breast reduction in the number of incisions.
  • The procedure involves three incisions which are mentioned below:
  1. Periareolar incision
  2. Vertical incision
  3. Inflammatory incision
  • This procedure involves the three incisions, but separate incisions and after joining these incisions, the surgeon removes the interior fat in the breasts and then replace the nipples in a better, elevated and at a more appealing position.
  • It is a procedure which is used for the heavy, most photic and largest breasts.

Lollipop Breast Reduction:

  • The alternative name of this procedure is the vertical breast reduction.
  • It is the less invasive procedure as compared to the anchor breast reduction.
  • It involves the two incisions but joined incisions which make it less invasive procedure.
  • The procedure involves the periareolar incision and vertical incision but the inflammatory incision is not involved in this case. This is why the women have to bear less pain and less healing time.
  • This process is used when the breasts are not too heavy and can be reduced with minimum invasion