Are Metal Roofing Sheets as Good as Tiles?


Roofing plays a large part in building construction all over the world, though the traditional tiled or shingled roof is facing stiff competition from newer technologies. Roofing sheets in Shrewsbury are becoming very popular, especially in large construction projects. These sheets possess qualities such as high durability, good flexibility and excellent corrosion resistance and also possess high resistivity in thermal weather conditions. They have a wide range of applications from sheds and warehouses to offices, car parks and restaurants. The range of colours allows for bright and exciting structures.

What are they made of?

Originally metal roofing sheets were made from corrugated galvanised steel. As newer technologies have been introduced, a wide variety of colour coated roofing sheets with different types of metals involved. Today they may be made from aluminium, copper, zinc-aluminium or tin. Several different types of coatings, such as epoxy or ceramic can be used on metal panels for rust prevention prevent, waterproofing, or thermal reflectivity.

What are the benefits?

Most roofing sheets are typically more cost effective than traditional tiles, as they have a life expectancy of around 100 years and most installers today offer 50-year guarantees as standard. Their thermal insulation properties can make a substantial difference to your energy costs. Many sheets are made from recycled materials and are themselves normally fully recyclable also. Additionally, roofing sheets are extremely lightweight, meaning they can even be laid directly over the original roof. The inter-locking nature of the panels also provides very good wind resistance.

What are the disadvantages?

There are not many disadvantages, though one could be the noise from heavy rain striking the panels and there are reports from areas that get significant snow, that as they have less friction than traditional roofing tiles, snow has a tendency to easily slide off onto property or passers-by.

When should I consider getting my roof assessed?

If you have a traditional style roof, regular checks are important. Finding and dealing with small maintenance issues as they crop up is far more cost effective than ignoring it until water is pouring in, or half your roof was just blown away in a storm. The standard recommendation is to have it checked twice a year. Once, after the winter, and once after the summer, as cold temperatures and rain are only half the issue. The sun can cause as much damage also.

Roofing Sheet installers from Shrewsbury to all four corners of the country, now have significant experience with these new technologies, and increasing numbers of customers are utilising their services. The range of colours and styles available, mean you can pick something that looks traditional, or you can opt for something that grabs people’s attention. While a seriously bright roof might not be perfect for your house, for a business wanting to attract attention it can be a good idea.

A quick Internet search will undoubtedly find several companies in your area who can show you the options. Be sure to get several quotes before making any decisions, be wary of any that are substantially different from the rest and always check to see if they are a member of the Competent Roofer Scheme and have proper Health and Safety accreditations.