Bed Bugs – What Causes Their Infestation?


Most of the people are completely unaware about bed bugs and their signs of their presence. Bed bugs are widespread pests which multiply slowly and pose serious health threats. They can disrupt the entire sleeping system and your deep sleep.

They suck blood from warm blooded animals while they are sleeping thus creating havoc during the body recovery time. These are widely spread when a person travels and also from immigrants. You will not understand until you have excessive itching and redness all over your body.

Usually, when people experience common bed bugs symptoms they just spray the common insect killer which are meant to kill cockroaches but bed bugs are ineffective and you will never get rid of the problem if you do not treat them well. Whenever a household experiences bed bugs they must check all the corners of the house including the upholstery that includes mattresses, cushion, carpets etc. Read the article to get information sur les punaises de lit.

How will you understand your house is infested?

Usually less infected area does not show any symptoms until and unless you check them minutely.  On the other hand, a heavily infested area will have strong yet offensive sweet kind of smell. This smell is usually secreted by the body of these bed bugs. Another sign you can notice is the is stains on your mattress.

These parasites usually leave their fecal stains on the bed and small egg shells. These insects can be spotted well at night under lights. This is because at day break they get into cracks and holes to hide. Apart from your bedroom you must also check your living room for stains, especially if you have pets and kids.

You must examine the corners of your sofa and even the underlying areas of the carpet. Since bed bugs tend to live close to their food source, you will not find it difficult to locate a few at the first instance.


While you are carrying your travel stuff, you are shifting your clothes and other stuff from one place to another, which means at different temperature.

Most of the clothing material retain moisture and if you do not wash it properly you are bound to experience molds and then it might get infected with bed bugs. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to wash your clothes and disinfect them when you are back from your trip.