Buying a New Home? Pest Control Advice you should not ignore


Are you planning to buy a new home in Scottsdale this year? Well, that is a great move. In addition to hiring a professional house inspector and seeking the right mortgage plan, you should also opt for the proper pest control plan that will make your new home conducive to stay.

Pest control is an essential requirement for every new homebuyer that looks forward to staying in an environment that is free from pests and diseases. Pests are carriers of bacteria and viruses that pose health risks to the human body. Some pests such as spider are poisonous and must be removed from the house immediately. Before moving into your new home, you should hire a Scottsdale spider control company to exterminate all the spiders and other pests hidden in the house.

Here are some tips to find out if the house you are about to buy is infested with pests like termites, cockroaches, flies, spiders, and many others.

1.  Look at the baseboards

Baseboards are ideal hiding places for most pests. When moving to your new home, you should not forget to look at the baseboards to find out if there are holes where the wall and floor intersect. Holes on baseboards are an indication of a house infested with rodents. Rats and mice are known to dig holes on wood. Adopt a proactive strategy to remove rodents in your new home before letting your property inside.

2. Carry a flashlight

Most pests cannot be noticed by looking. When moving to a new home, you must inspect it to find out if any pest exists. Carry a flashlight with you and walk around the different rooms. Inspect the kitchen cabinets, storage areas, closets, entrance, and wall corners. The presence of webs on the wall and black spots in the cupboards is an indication that the house is already infested with pest. Do not hesitate to take a pest control measure soonest.

3. Look around

When inside an empty house, you can quickly feel the presence of pests such as bedbugs, cockroaches, and flies. Look around the different rooms in the house. What do you see? Are there any cockroaches seen in the closets or kitchen cabinets? If the house agent accompanies you, ask them if the house is already infested with pests or if it has a pest infestation history so that you can take a preventive measure.

4. Sniff around with your nose

Take your time to find out if there is an unusual smell in the house when you step inside. Rodent and cockroach infestation comes with a unique scent that is easily noticeable. If the home is infested with roaches, you are likely to detect an oily like odor.


Buying a new home requires one to be keen to identify any cases of pest infestation. A severe pest infestation is enough to drive away an individual from buying a house or renting. Before purchasing a new home, you must ensure you inspect it to find out if there are any pest issues, which must be addressed. Adopt these tips when looking forward to buying your new home to help you apply a proper pest preventive plan and stay free from pests.