Critical Facts You Must Know about Creative Visualization


Creative visualization is to generate visual mental imagery with an idea of wanting some positive results. It can be done with eyes closed or open to create visual conception to maintain, study and transform those images. It can also be used to overcome mental stress such as anxiety, low mood and sadness.  It can improve the low self-esteem and confidence of a human being. However, it is imperative to know some useful facts about creative visualization. You must have the right mindset about it before you ever start. Some of these facts are elaborated below:

It is simple but not easy

If you have already bought an e-Book about creative visualization, you will find its sub-headings as “simple steps”. However, it is not an easy task and involves a lot of steps. Moreover, it depends on various steps, factors, events and processes at work, which you might have not even imagined.

A series of steps

The entire process involves a number of steps beyond your imagination. Moreover, you will find that each step involves a number of sub-steps, which you will have to follow. Some steps may also be major ones for you to achieve the desired results.

Factors affect creative visualization

For creative visualization to work, you need to have strong belief. You will have to clear all your doubts and mental blocks, which prevents you from attaining what you want.  It is one of the internal factors affecting creative visualization. External factors may include the right expectations. You should not ask for something, which is unreal and unethical.  Other factors may include the negativity, which you may receive from your friends, family and colleagues in the form of criticism. It is highly recommended to stay away from them.

Believing it right

When you are trying to gain results from creative visualization, you should not have blind faith.  For it to work for you, you just need to have a right amount of faith. For an instance, when a ball falls from your hand, you know it will fall down because gravity is there. You don’t need to have faith about it.

When you are doing creative visualization, you need to have excitement and positivity in you that it is going to work for you to attain what you actually desire.  You will find a lot of tutorials in this subject but working on it in a right manner requires time and efforts.