How Can I Maintain My Dentures At The Age of 65? 


Aging is one of the most painful periods of life in Alabama. Your mind is so young and wants to do so much, but your body’s strength of functioning can limit it. Maintaining your dentures at the age of 65 does not have to be a daunting task. All you can do is consult the dental practice in Fairhope, AL, and get some tips on how to maintain your dentures. 

What Are Some Easy Denture Maintenance Tips?

  • Keeping Your Mouth Clean

Aging cannot be an excuse for not maintaining your oral hygiene. You must practice good oral hygiene and maintain dental hygiene even if you have complete dentures. You should brush your tongue, gums, and roof of your mouth using a gauze pad or a soft-bristled brush. This is quite beneficial for clearing out microorganisms and promoting blood flow in your oral cavity.

  • Regular Maintenance

Similar to your natural teeth, dentures require regular cleaning to avoid the accumulation of germs, plaque, and food particles. To carefully clean every surface of your dentures, use a toothbrush with soft bristles. Instead of using rough toothpaste, which can harm the surface of your dentures, use a gentle soap or denture cleanser that your dentist has recommended. When you make small efforts of regular maintenance, it all works out in the long term, and your dentures stay in shape.

  • Appropriate Storage

If you need to remember where you keep your dentures or end up keeping them anywhere, they can break. Keep your dentures in a jar with water or denture cleaning solution while not in use. Warm water might cause your dentures to deform, so exercise caution while using it. Additionally, keep them out of your kids’ and pets’ reach to prevent any loss or damage. This is the first best choice, and the second one is to keep it in your mouth.  

  • Do Not Drink Discolored Food Or Beverages.

Certain foods and beverages, such as red wine, berries, tea, and coffee, might eventually discolor your dentures. You should restrict their consumption or make sure you thoroughly rinse your mouth after consuming such meals and beverages.

  • Soaking The Dentures All Night

To keep your dentures moist and stop them from drying out, soak them in water or a denture-specific solution for the whole night. This procedure also helps significantly in removing dirt and stains that are difficult to remove. Prior to replacing the dentures in your mouth the following day, make sure you thoroughly clean them. Book your appointment with a dentist if you feel you need advice!

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