How Career Counselling Can Help You Find Your Dream Job


If you wake up on Sunday morning already dreading going back to work on Monday you’re not alone. Millions of people feel the same way. Millions more don’t really hate their jobs but they aren’t excited about them either. Wouldn’t it be great to be excited about going back to work on Monday? You can experience that feeling. It comes from finding out what career is best suited for you based on your interests, your skillset, and several other factors. Career counselling can help you find the right career for you and get you started on the path to making a career switch. We consulted with PsychCompany who graciously provided us with some of the work you might expect if you were to seek career counselling services.

How Career Counselling Works

Many people think that having a job that doesn’t feel like a burden or just a paycheck is something that only happens because of luck. They might know someone who has a job that they love and think that person is just luck. However, finding the right career isn’t about luck. It’s about knowing yourself and being able to invest in yourself so that you can find the career path that will give you the fulfillment that you want. When you have clarity about who you are as a person and what’s important to you when it comes to a career you will have a much easier time figuring out what job you really want to do.

When you enroll in career counselling you will meet with experts who will help you uncover your hidden interests, skills, and talents and then help you turn them into an actionable plan to get you started in a new career. Working with a counsellor that is trained to identify your strengths and help you find a career where you can use those strengths will give you the support and encouragement that you need to make your dream job a reality.

In order to uncover things that you may not even know about yourself a career counsellor will work you to do things like:

  • Uncover interests that you may not even know about
  • Identify possible jobs and careers based on your interests
  • Identify your current skill set
  • Figure out what education programs could help you train for a new career
  • Help you get past your fear of success
  • Personality testing
  • Help you with career testing and coaching
  • Make sure that you’re ready to jump into a new career
  • Help arrange internships or job shadows so you can “try out” careers
  • Give you moral support and encouragement

A Scientific Approach To Happiness

Finding the right career doesn’t happen by chance and it doesn’t only happen to people who are special or lucky or have the right connections. It happens when you put in the time and effort to figure out what type of work would make you happy and give you a sense of satisfaction and achievement. Often people have been told all their lives that they should want a certain type of career because it’s what their parents wanted for them or because it’s in a field that they have a natural aptitude for even if they don’t really like it. It’s rare for people to be in a career that really makes them happy without taking the time to do a thorough self-assessment and figure out who they are so that they can figure out what type of work they are best suited for. Career counselling is here to help you take stock of who you are, what is working in your life, and what isn’t working. Together you and a career counsellor can figure out what type of work will bring you happiness and not just a paycheck.

Often people have been told that a field they are interested in isn’t a lucrative one so they assume that the thing they’re interested in can never be more than a hobby. There are many artists, writers, painters, photographers, filmmakers, and other creative people who end up in careers that they hate because they think that can’t pay the bills with a creative job. You can have work in a creative field and support yourself and your family. The key is to be sure about what your passions are and then find the job within a relevant field that will give you the money you need and the job satisfaction that you want.

Start Today

There is no better time to get started with career counselling than right now. There’s nothing to lose except that dread you feel on Sunday night. You can be one of those people that bounces out of bed on Monday morning because you love to go to work. Make an appointment for career counselling now and let’s get started uncovering your interests and passions and figuring out how you can turn those interests and passions into the kind of job that you will be excited to go to everyday.

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