How to detect a rodent infestation in your home


Doing away with rodents is more successful when you know the exact animal you are dealing with and the unique behaviors they portray. Are you dealing with mice or rodents and how bad is the infestation?

Mice and rats are a problem that won’t go away naturally as long as there is food, water, and a hiding place in your home. Both when it is freezing and when the temperatures are soaring, the critters will be in your home until the day you decide enough is enough.

Homeowners in Detroit have dealt with the rodent problem for decades, and not many have managed to find a lasting solution to apply. With the help of expert advice from Rove Pest Control, you can easily get rid of those annoying little creatures once and for all.

Discussed below are ways through which you can detect a rodent infestation and curb it before it becomes a crisis.

Rodent nests. Rats and mice collect debris from the house and dry leaves and grass from outside to create nests in hidden places in your home. Do not wait until you bump into a nest to make a move. If you have seen any of the other signs in this list, consider manually checking for the presence of nests near water or food, usually in places predators can’t reach.

Droppings. Rodents usually come out to feed at night when you are sleeping. If you find droppings around the house in the morning, it is evidence that you have mice or rats in the house. Of course, the more the droppings, the bigger the infestation, but it is not wise to ignore signs of minor cases simply because that’s how infestations start.

Chewed up food and plastic containers. If you store all your foods in lidded containers, rodents will want to get inside by chewing through the plastic. Chew marks are a telltale clue you are in the middle of a rodent crisis or on the brink of one. A pest control expert will help you determine the exact rodent you are dealing with and what you need to do to stop it.

Food debris. Rodents are pretty reckless and can be terrible at hiding hints that they just visited your kitchen and feasted on your snacks. It might be annoying picking up food debris from the floor every morning but, on the other hand, helpful in identifying a potential rodent manifestation in your home.

Noise at night. You may never detect mice and rat movement during the day, but at night they will come out in numbers, heedlessly announcing their presence almost as if they know you are dead asleep. Consider staying up a few minutes or hours after turning off the lights to look out for those little pitter patter feet sounds as the rodents come out of their hiding places.

Sometimes, especially when your house is too big and packed with items, you may just have to hire a pest control expert to inspect your home and determine if you are keeping any rodents in there.