How to Select a Professional Optician


If you have a problem with your eyes you need checked or you’re in the market for a new set of stylish designer frames, choosing the right optician is vitally important. Scheduling regular eye tests is crucial as we start to age, if you wish to maintain clarity, you need to visit an experience optician who offers a range of expert services.

Check Reviews

In today’s world, it is easy to do background checks on opticians in your area to see how they have been rated by previous clients, you’ll quickly find out about the level of service they provide and whether previous clients were happy with what they encountered. You must think twice about going to an optician who receives numerous bad reviews online.

Here are some things to consider when reading online reviews and recommendations:

  • Search for real reviews from real people.
  • Look for information on the whole practice, not just the main optician.
  • Search for reviews no lower than 4 stars out of 5.
  • Online reviews must be current, no older than 1 year.
  • Read multiple reviews and not just one or two before you decide.
  • Check for rewards or accolades handed out by local people or reputable organisations.

Professional Attitude

Sometimes you choose an optician only to find that when you arrive the premises is packed full of people waiting for eye examinations and you aren’t necessarily next on the list. Although they usually mean well, some opticians try to work urgent visits into an already packed schedule, usually causing more hassle than good. Some opticians also double book visits and leave you with minimal time to ask any questions or queries. You’ll notice when reading online reviews that most clients complain about excessive waiting times, so if you see these problems come up numerous times, it is best to avoid this optician and look elsewhere.

Age of Establishment

The longer a business has been in operation the more reliable it tends to be, although this isn’t always set in stone. If an optician is running a professional establishment, they usually stay open for many years because they’ve built up a loyal client base who always return for eye exams and other services. If an optician fails to live up to certain standards, they quickly gain a reputation for being unprofessional and struggle to retain clients.

Services & Products

If you are in the market for a trendy new pair of Lindberg spectacles or a stylish set of Nike sunglasses, you’ll need to visit an optician who stocks all the latest designer glasses at affordable prices. They should provide a wide variety of professional services which include eye exams, glasses fittings, contact lens fittings, advanced eye tests and more.

A well trained, licensed optician will take their time when conducting tests or helping you to choose the right type of frame to suit your face. They won’t push a certain brand for financial reasons, they want their clients to feel confident and trust in their expert opinion. You should choose an optician you are comfortable with, a service you can trust with confidence.