In how many ways can you use an essential oil?


Essential oils are recognized as compounds that get extracted from plants. These oils imprison the scent and flavor of the plant and it is known as its ‘essence’. The exclusive aromatic compounds provide every essential oil its distinguishing essence. An essential oil is also obtained via distillation or through mechanical processes, called as cold pressing. When the aromatic compounds do get extracted, they are mixed with carrier oils for developing a compound which you can readily use. The procedures through which the oils are produced are highly important as the oil that gets produced through chemical processes isn’t acknowledged as a true essential oil.

An essential oil is usually used for the aromatherapy purposes and these oils are either rubbed onto the skin or inhaled via your mouth or nose. Again, at times, they are ingested too though this process isn’t considered safe and recommended. This is because the chemicals that are present in these oils can have an interaction with your body in various ways. People use these oils on their skin because some plants chemicals get absorbed through this process. Moreover, when you inhale the aromas from an essential oil, then it stimulates certain parts of your limbic system and it is a portion of your brain which plays a significant role in your sense of smell, long-term memory, and controlling emotions.

How do children get benefitted?

There is enough supporting evidence which proves that baby essential oils do a lot of good to the babies. However, according to the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, a baby shouldn’t be applied these oils until it reaches an age of three months. However, people can utilize diluted essential oils baby or undiluted grapeseed or sunflower oil at the time of massaging the baby. Studies proved that baby massage can augment a baby’s weight, lessen irritability, decrease sleep disturbances, and certainly, encourage development.

Some vital oils for babies

Lavender oil – According to a 2016 review, this calm baby essential oil can help in treating pain in babies. In fact, one study has discovered that newbornswho smelled lavender at the time of heel prick test undergone less pain along with a lower heart rate compared to those who were in a control group. Again, another study proved that lavender oil aromatherapy massage can lessen the signs of colic.

Chamomile oil – Chamomile is viewed as a commonly used home remedy for sleeplessness in adults and it also helps the infants in several ways. However, there is a very little scientific evidence that proves that chamomile helps in sleep. A few people believe that including some drops of chamomile oil to a diffuser or a warm bath can leave a sedative and calming effect on a child.

Sunflower oil – This oil is a well-known choice of many people and this vegetable oil contains huge amounts of linoleic acid that turn it excellent for babies who have sensitive skin. Babies who have sensitive skin develop eczema and one study discovered that though sunflower oil can augment skin hydration, yet olive oil can do damage to the skin barrier and can make the present skin problems worse.