Incredible Anavar Gains


Anadrol a.k.a. Oxymetholone is a strong anabolic androgenic supplement. Bodybuilders use Anadrol to enhance muscle growth, strength, and bulky muscles. Anadrol gains are amazing. Though Anadrol provides excellent gains, you should also remember the side effects of such anabolic drug.

Anadrol gains:

The active ingredient “Oxymetholone” in Anadrol is an anabolic drug commonly stacked with other AAS to add strength and mass. Anadrol with Trenbolone, Anadrol with Nandrolone stacks yield bulky muscles. Even though Anavar is quite good at developing bulky muscles within a short period of time, the Anadrol gains are not permanent. Once the drug is discontinued, the gained muscles start to disappear. Anadrol has the ability to increase the red blood cell development, shield from muscular atrophy. It increases the nitrogen retention in muscles which is important for bodybuilding. The increased oxygenation and protein synthesis enhance the oxygen flow along with nutrients like amino acids to the muscles. An Amino acid is an essential compound in the protein creation. Protein is the core for strength and growth.

Anadrol work profile:

This dihydrotestosterone drug is available in oral form. Dihydrotestosterone metabolite results from Testosterone metabolism. Anadrol possesses high estrogenic traits due to the testosterone aromatization. Aromatization is a process of transforming or converting testosterone into estradiol, a female hormone. So, men will be prone to face Gynecomastia, water retention, mood swings, bloating problems. Especially Gynecomastia is an adverse side effect in men during the bodybuilding competition. Estrogenic side effects can be settled down with using anti-estrogenic supplements say Nolvadex, Clomid. Some users stated that they gained 30-40 pounds within six weeks of time which is uncommon. The real Anadrol gains are about 15 pounds in two months.  Users can do muscle maintenance after a cycle of Anadrol with proper workouts and diet regimen.

Anadrol Doses & side effects:

50 mg per day is the standard dose of Anadrol which helps to generate mass and gain weight faster. By using this prescribed dose, you can increase weight up to 20 lbs shortly. But, some people feel 25 mg is sufficient for them. After seeing your body’s tolerance with Anadrol, you may gradually increase the dose. Some users go up to 100 mg Anadrol and using the drug beyond 100 mg is not recommended. The higher doses will certainly produce adverse side effects.

When we talk about Anadrol side effects, liver toxicity is the notable one. Taking some interval after the cycle of Anadrol is the best way to reduce the risk of liver damage. In male acne, enlarged prostate, increased blood pressure, and male pattern baldness are the common Anadrol side effects. Women will have virilization effects. But, the low dose 25 mg Anadrol will be effective in women in reducing fat, building muscle with fewer virilization effects.

Anadrol PCT:

Anadrol, as we know, is a strong anabolic drug which suppresses the natural testosterone production. PCT helps to produce the testosterone in the body again. Tamoxifen and Clomiphene are the selective estrogen receptor modulators. Muscle maintenance after a cycle can also be done with post cycle therapy.