Managing Hypertension – Here’s what you need to know.


What is the actual meaning of hypertension, and how dangerous is it?

What factors result in hypertension, and is it only hereditary reasons?

Is there a particular diet or pattern to follow to control it?

Blood pressure is the force a person’s blood exerts on their artery walls. When this force that is exerted gets dangerously high, it is termed hypertension. Hypertension is considered severe if the blood pressure of the person goes up to 180/120, the normal range of pressure being in between 120/80 for adults. It can lead to various ailments like stroke or a heart attack and thus needs to be given the utmost care and attention.

Hypertension or high blood pressure is part of a list of conditions that occur during a metabolic syndrome. It is a dangerous situation that hardly gives any warning due to a lack of symptoms. Metabolic syndrome includes hypertension, as mentioned above, high blood sugar, excess weight gain, and many other factors.

Causes of hypertension cannot  be determined, but studies suggest that it relates to a person’s genetics or family history, age, weight, overuse of salt in one’s diet.

Other factors include:
• Smoking
• Stress
• Alcohol consumption
• Sleep disorders like Sleep Apnea
• Kidney Disorders

The way to control hypertension revolves around a good lifestyle partnered with regular exercise and a healthy diet. Good physical and mental health can help reduce blood pressure levels and  the risk for a spike in blood pressure. The problem of hypertension cannot be cured completely, but its tendency to occur can be controlled through steps like:

✔ Healthy Diet:
Fruits like bananas, kiwis, watermelons, and leafy vegetables provide the right minerals and vitamins necessary for a healthy heart. Additionally, consuming oats, beetroot and berries rich in anthocyanins and maintaining a good metabolic diet can be beneficial.

✔ Exercise:
Physical activity and regularly staying active will help the body maintain its fitness and function properly. Just like a bike that slows down and starts rusting all over when not used, a human body requires regular activity to stay healthy and work in the right manner.

✔ Managing Stress:
Stress is becoming one of the key factors causing various health defects to people around the world. Meditation and other actions meant to genuinely reduce stress can help reduce the chances of a spike in blood pressure or sugar levels.

✔ Regular Monitoring:
Especially people who have a history of blood pressure cases in their family should regularly check on their pressure levels. As one gets older, the chances for hypertension increase; thus, regular checks can help control and maintain good health and take necessary steps if needed.

Controlling and checking on blood pressure and various other factors like blood sugar levels becomes key after a certain age. To maintain good health, one must live a good lifestyle with a good diet, regular activity, and constant monitoring. Living a long, healthy life requires care and a body that is cared for ensures smooth functioning and stable, long life.

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