Oral Jewelry – Its effect on oral health


Fashion is cyclic and repetitive in nature. What appears to be vogue in the 90s appears trendy after 2-3 decades. Oral jewelry which has taken into storm especially in youngsters was popular in pop culture in the 90s. The young generation and the teens are fascinated by oral jewelry without knowing its hazards on oral health. Cosmetic dentist Toronto is dedicated to serving people of Canada in providing good oral health and educating people about the piercing of tongue, lip or cheek and other oral jewelry effects on oral health.

Some of the things to ponder are:

1)    Mouth Infections: Oral piercing on the mouth, tongue, and lips can cause wound on the area which can be affected with the bacteria and other microbes. This can cause gingival infections and other problems.

2)    Abrasion: Abrasions are called as permanent loss of teeth.  Lip or tongue piercing can cause your teeth to break and can even cause nerve damage.

3)    Periodontal diseases: Piercing in the tongue can cause damage in gums. This can cause tooth decay and many other diseases.

4)    Increases the saliva flow: Oral piercing can cause a sudden increase in saliva flow in the mouth. This is harassing in society sometimes.

5)    Tooth fractures and chipped teeth: Oral jewelry can damage the crown and tooth bridge. It can lead to chipped and fractured teeth and can even lead to permanent tooth extraction.

6)    Speech problems: Oral jewelry like barbells can lead to disturbed movement of teeth and can interfere with your speech.

7)    Allergic reactions: You can even develop allergy with oral jewelry.

8)    Gingival Recession: Oral jewelry causes gingival recession especially in the lower lingual region. This can lead to root caries and poor aesthetic appearance.

Steps to follow to avoid future problems:

Still, if you want to go for oral jewelry and mouth piercing, you need to take following precautionary steps to avoid any oral issues in future:

  1. Get your piercing done only from a reputed place. It should have an infection control policy, should use sterilized needles and handle piercing in a clean and healthy way.
  2. Never forget to take aftercare instruction list.
  3. Clean your mouth jewelry regularly.
  4. Follow regular hygiene practice.
  5. Try to choose plastic stud instead of metal jewelry. Nickle can also cause allergy.
  6. Avoid tongue or mouth floor piercing.
  7. In case of bleeding, contact your dentist immediately.
  8. Visit your dentist regularly to rectify any oral jewelry issue in time.

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