Perfect Rehab for the Perfect Rehabilitation


The rehabilitation program is designed for a period of stay in the hospital for 3 to 4 months (depending on the intensity of the assignment). Patients are under constant supervision of the center’s consultants and can always address them on any issue that bothers them. In the center there is a certain daily routine, according to which rehabilitants live. The Orange County rehab and CBT treatment is perfect there.

 It disciplines, new, useful habits and habits are developed, sleep is normalized, physical well-being improves, and appetite appears. The center is outside the city limits, so fresh air, daily walks, sports activities have a beneficial effect on the condition of patients. This helps them to quickly get into a good shape and start participating fully in the rehabilitation process, which includes:

  • participation in therapeutic groups,
  • self-analysis,
  • performance of written individual tasks,
  • keeping a diary of feelings,
  • listening to lectures,
  • participation in trainings,
  • Walking, playing games, playing sports,
  • Attending meetings of Anonymous drug addicts,
  • participation in art therapy,
  • individual work with a psychologist,
  • Participation in celebrations and events.

Treatment of chemical and other types of dependence requires an individual approach to each patient. Despite the general principles of recovery, laid down in the “12 Steps” program and its general recommendations, our clinic practices a number of individual classes and therapeutic activities that take into account the personal characteristics of the patient’s emotional, emotional and physical condition.


Individual work allows you to choose a “key” to the minds and hearts of each dependent, given his personal qualities and intellectual ability. In fact, the staff of the rehabilitation center need to “push” the alcoholic / drug addict to acquire the desire to think and act in a new way, to think soberly, adequately react to external factors and the internal state associated with changes in chemical processes in the body that accompany the cessation of the use of chemicals. Individual work with addicts is of a pedagogical nature. After all, in some (severe) cases, the client has to learn how to write and read anew, because taking psychoactive substances causes tremendous damage to brain cells and the nervous system. A person slows down in his development and loses his skills acquired before the start of alcohol / drug use.

The Right Options

Accelerated training of life with an addict and acceptance of it with everything that it implies (how to experience certain situations, how parents can help or hurt without understanding it) is the main issue of working with relatives, who are usually carriers of at least complex disease- codependence.