Preventive Pest Control Tips for Your Home


Insects and rodents are quite a nuisance. For instance, mice may contaminate food surfaces with their feces causing food poisoning. Termites alongside other wood-destroying pests are responsible for structural damages costing billions of dollars to fix.

Certain moths and beetles will turn expensive fur clothes into a heap of dust. Then there’s flesh flies, bed bugs, mosquitoes, fleas, among others that we don’t want to share our abode with. But how do we achieve this- by working with the best Wayne Pest Control experts. Luckily, while all these pests are unique with distinct behaviors, they share something in common. They need food, shelter, and moisture. If you focus on this, you’ll be able to keep infestation at bay.

  1. Store Your Food Properly

Most people store their food in paper and plastic bags, but do they match to rodents teeth? Of course not, they’ll tear the paper away and feast on your diet. Don’t let this happen.

Always store products in insect-resistant packages like glass containers or hard plastic, with tight and fitting lids.

  1. Clean and Seal Garbage Cans

Everything you put in your trash can will attract some form of wildlife, insects or rodents. Some rodents and cockroaches love it when their meal is so close to your house. In this way, they’ll start looking for ways to get into your property.

As such, it’s imperative to keep your garbage at least 15 feet from your house. In this way, the pests won’t associate the trash with your home.

Also, put any trash in appropriate garbage bags and clean their containers. The sugary residue is about to attract ants and yellow jackets to your property.

  1. Reduce Moisture

As we said earlier, all pests require moisture to survive. Some like mosquitos need water to lay eggs and complete their lifecycle. Others need water to weaken wood before building their nests inside the timber.

Regularly check plumbs to ensure your pipes aren’t leaking. Further, you should check the seals around your toilets and bathtubs. If the seals are getting old, be sure to replace them with new ones.

Also, be sure to check the gutters; ensure they don’t have any clogs. Water should flow away from your house and its foundation. Remember, if the humidity is too high, it may be attacked by termites wreaking havoc on your investment.

  1. Engage a Pest Control Service

The experts know a lot about pest infestation and control. For instance, they may check your property and identify hidden routes and passageways they may be used to get inside your house.

These experts will make a visual inspection of your property to look for small cracks or holes. The exercise is best done in the fall as most insects and rodents will be looking for a place to spend through winter.

From here, repairs should be done to close these passageways. The experts will them work to exterminate the pests already in your house. In this way, you’re able to get long-term protection.