Selection of the Woods for the Windows in London


Wooden windows offer a variety of design options. Your architect, planner, window manufacturer or carpenter will be pleased to advise you. Wooden windows should already be provided with wood protection or surface protection when supplied by the manufacturer.

Wood protection

Even the right surface protection is of the utmost importance for a long life of the timber windows London. There are no maintenance-free windows. The maintenance can be kept low with regular care. The correct installation is essential for the functionality of wooden windows. Deep wall reveals, for example, protect the wood from weathering, i.e. wooden windows should be set back far in the façade. Even foils can provide sufficient constructive wood protection.

Wood for windows

In Austria, almost exclusively local wood species are used for window construction. Occasionally, North American wood species originating from sustainable forestry are used. The types of wood used have been proven for decades. These are spruce, fir, pine, larch, Douglas fir, hemlock and oak.

Wood promises quality

Prefabricated window scantlings are used for the production of wooden windows. Thus, technical and economic advantages can be fully exploited. The quality and the appearance are only as good as the window cladding used. Therefore, only the best woods from local forests are used for the production of the sliding doors, whether from solid wood, finger-jointed or laminated.

Wood in the composite

Material combinations combine the advantages of different materials. In the wood-aluminum window, the load-bearing function of the wood, its good insulating properties and homely atmosphere of the natural material are used indoors, while the weather protection is taken over by attached aluminum profiles. The principle works similarly with the new wood-glass window, where the wood is covered on the outside by a stepped insulating glass pane. Even with wooden windows metal profiles (rain protection rails or sash covers) should be attached to strongly expose horizontal areas.


Regular ventilation is absolutely necessary for sound and heat-efficient windows. As a rule, this means that an hourly air exchange through ventilation is to be achieved in inhabited rooms. For opposite windows and / or doors, a full five-minute opening is sufficient to replace the room air with fresh air (butt ventilation). Wood is one of the oldest materials of humanity. Wooden windows have proven themselves for centuries as a means of communication to the outside world. In modern architecture, wooden windows are a popular material because of their natural and heat-insulating properties. Even at low temperatures, a wood surface never feels cold.

The Feature of the Woods

In addition, wood has a positive influence on the comfort and the humidity. The possibilities in terms of editing and design are almost inexhaustible, as well as the range of color nuances that are available to choose from. The timber windows London can be fitted accurately into the desired wall opening, so even sophisticated corner solutions or large-sized wall openings can be manufactured economically and technically to the highest standard. Domestic timber is used almost exclusively for the production of wooden windows and there is no scarcity of raw materials, since annually considerably more wood grows than is used. Windows made of wood are a high quality product which, with regular and careful maintenance, has a long service life and ensures absolute living enjoyment.