The Truth behind Enjoying the Best Results of Stanozolol


There is one interesting thing about Stanzolol cycles. Different users experience different results out of Stanozolol cycles. You might find Stanozolol in different brand names such as Winni V or Winstrol V or simply Winstrol. No matter what the name is, it is one of the most sought-after anabolic androgenic steroids on the planet.

Using Stanozolol Cycle

The results of using this supplement highly depend on the way you will use it. The efficacy of a Stanozolol only cycle lies in the dosage that you follow in a Stanzolol cycle. For example, Men need to use high dosages of Stanozolol to get the best results.  However, you also need to consider factors like your sensitivity towards the steroid, your exercise regime as well as your diet in this regard. So the varying comments that you find in the online forums are a simple reflection of how it works for different people with different needs and habits.

Men and Stanozolol Cycle

Male athletes and bodybuilders would ideally continue a Stanozolol-only cycle for 8 weeks at one time. Exceeding the 8-week limit can expose your system to very serious health risks. Sometimes, it can even put you to complete liver damage.  On an average, taking a daily dose of 50 mg of the supplement is more than enough. Nevertheless, users engaged in professional bodybuilding often double the dosage for a week or two. They do it only before entering a competition or anything like that. Taking high dosage for more than two weeks can further expose you to different health hazards.

Women and Stanozolol Cycle

Unlike male users, female bodybuilders tend to prefer oral Winstrol pills to injections. Again, though Men need to use high dosages of Stanozolol, the dosage recommendation for women remains quite low. Female users would rather not exceed the daily dosage of 10 mg per day. Even that can be split into smaller dosages throughout the day. When it comes to a Stanzolol cycle, it is safe for the women to continue it for 4 weeks. With the right drug protocol, this steroid offers very mild virilization effects in women. This means, it rarely leaves side effects like deepening of voice or growth of body hair, which is quite common with other anabolic androgenic steroids.

Stacking Stanozolol

A number of Stanzolol enthusiasts mention that they never needed to stack the supplement with other steroids. However, many users attest to enjoying amazing results by mixing it with other components. The most common options to stack with Stanozolol include HGH, Anavar, Trenbolone, and Testosterone. To enjoy highly effective results, you can also stack it with Halotestin, Dianabol, Testosterone Propionate, Primobolan, Testosterone Enanthate and Anadrol. No matter what stack you use, see to that you do not exceed the cycle of 6-8 weeks. Finally, it is important that you understand what to expect from this supplement. Stanozolol is primarily a cutting steroid that works to give you a ripped and toned body. That is to say, it is not the ideal steroid for bulking up.