Things you should never ever do to your nails – Few smart tips from experts


You must have resolved recently to stop biting your nails once and for all or to stop peeling your nailpolish though it seems to be a tough habit to break. Very few are concerned about maintaining our nail health and this is why there are many who have certain habits which are totally detrimental to uplifting the health of your nails. Only visiting a salon for a manicure or a pedicure won’t be enough for your nails as you too have to follow a healthy regime for your nails. It is only then that your favorite cranberry nail polish will shine on your nails and stay for the longest time.

What are the few things that you should immediately stop doing to your nails? If you want to know the habits to break off as soon as possible, read on.

Habit #1: Peeling off your manicure

The foremost thing that nail experts will ask people to not do is to peel off their gel manicure. When you do this mistake of peeling off the gel manicure, you actually tend to peel off the upper thin layer of your nail which gets removed with the gel. This will lead to divots that can stay on for several months. When you constantly keep doing this, your nail chips off sooner and they’ll no longer look shiny and nice. Don’t forget to apply cuticle oil on your nails and then soak them in nail polish remover to remove the gel manicure with ease.

Habit #2: Cutting down your cuticles

In case there is a cuticle or which is also called a hangnail rising from the side of the nail, this can at times become painful to get it removed. In case you don’t trim them properly, this will lead to more and more hangnails. Experts always recommend people to not cut their cuticles and instead of hurting yourself, you should apply a formula which removes these cuticles over your nail bed and then push the cuticle with the help of a cuticle pusher. This will give you a cleaner looking nail bed.

Habit #3: Using your nails as chisels

Do you have the habit of chipping off the paint from your nails? If answered yes, you commit a blunder as everytime you use your other nails to chip off the nailpolish, you actually chip off microscopic layers from your nail bed. This not only lends a rough texture to your nails but it can even cause trauma to your nails and lead to easier chipping off of nails. To avoid this habit from growing, keep a nailpolish remover along with you so that you can use it to remove the nailpolish from your nails rather than using your other nails as a chisel.

Therefore, if you want to beautify your nails to give them the best look for some occasion or a party or for regular use, you should ditch the above listed bad habits for good.