Top Tips To Help Keep Your Back In Good Health & Good Condition.


People frequently complain about back pain and it can affect everyone, but it generally creeps in as we get older. It could be something as simple as wringing out a cloth that puts your back into spasms or it could be lifting something incorrectly at work. Businesses all across Australia spend money on health and safety training all the time, giving instructions to staff on how they should lift correctly and to keep a straight back. All of this knowledge learned goes out the window once they return to the shop floor and so many people take days, weeks or even months off every year because of back trouble.

The good news is that you can always go to your Noosa chiropractic clinic in the unfortunate event of an injury and it will be their job to manipulate your spine so that all of your pain goes away, and you are back to normal in no time. The other great news is that many health insurance policies will pay for you to go to see a professional chiropractor and so this is great news for everyone. Ideally, you want to educate yourself to keep your back in good condition in the first place so that you can avoid going to see your chiropractor. It should be noted however that making regular appointments helps you to avoid injuries in the first place.

The following are just some of the things that you can do to keep your back in good health.

  • Watch your posture – Many people spend a great deal of their time sitting at a desk all day and employers are guilty of not providing the staff with an ergonomic chair and desk. Sitting in a chair that doesn’t have back support will end up causing you great pain and especially if you don’t move from your desk all day long. You should set your watch and every time an hour goes by, get up and walk around a little before you sit back down again.
  • Stand up straight – Many Australians tend to slouch and this causes pressure on your spine which leads to law back pain and neck pain. Try to stand tall and make sure that there is a straight line going down from your years to your ankles. It pays to spend money on a good pair of shoes that offer you good support and if you are on your feet for most of the day, make sure that you take regular breaks.
  • Lift with your legs – As was mentioned briefly before, if it is your job to lift heavy things then make sure that you use the muscles in your legs to do so. It is important that you don’t twist your body when you are carrying heavy items and if there is a cart or any other piece of machinery that can help you to lift items then use these at all times.

Follow these three pieces of advice and your back will be in great shape throughout the day.

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