Ultherapy: A Non-Surgical Way to Tighten Loose Skin


Where surgery was once the only way to target loose and sagging skin, advancements in cosmetic medicine have made it possible to skip surgery altogether.

Ultherapy is one of the many treatments that are designed to help patients bypass surgery while still achieving the results they’re hoping for.

This non-surgical treatment is used to tighten and lift the skin on the lower face, brow, under the eyes, under the chin and the décolletage.

Since Ultherapy uses ultrasound technology, treatments are not painful and there is no downtime required either. As an added bonus, treatments are affordable and patients will only require one.

Following several years of development, refinement and clinical studies, Ultherapy has been approved by the TGA in Australia and millions of patients have already received this treatment across the globe.

 Ultherapy: How Does It Work?

Ultherapy works in conjunction with the body’s regenerative responses, which means it stimulates the production of collagen without affecting the surface of the skin.

The treatment basically lifts and tightens the skin from the inside out by sending ultrasound waves right down to the foundational layer of the skin, which is what would be targeted during a surgical facelift.

Once the ultrasound waves reach the deeper layers of the skin, the body starts producing additional collagen and elastin, which is what will tighten and firm the skin.

Of the many facial treatments offered at Face Today Cairns, Ultherapy has fast become a very popular option. Patients can expect to see results 2 – 3 months after their treatment, with the results lasting up to 6 months as the body continues to replenish and rejuvenate the skin.

Since this treatment works from the inside out, results are gradual and the surface of your skin will be left undisturbed. This means that you can return to your usual routine and friends, family and work colleagues won’t be able to notice a thing until your skin actually looks fresher and more youthful.

Ideal Candidates for Ultherapy

Ultherapy is best suited to patients who have mild to moderate sagging skin on the face or neck. Those with wrinkles on the décolletage will also benefit from this treatment.

Ultherapy can also be used to maintain a more youthful appearance and reverse some of the common signs of ageing by encouraging the skin to produce more collagen and elastin at a deeper level where it really matters.

With this being said, ultherapy is not meant to take the place of a traditional facelift, which is used to target more advanced levels of ageing and sagging skin.

Ultherapy can also be used as a single treatment or it can be paired with additional treatments that will further enhance your results.

Since it can be difficult to determine whether ultherapy is the right treatment for you just by looking in the mirror, it’s best to schedule a consultation with a reputable cosmetic and skincare clinic that specialises in anti-ageing treatments such as ultherapy.