University of Chicago, Boston University, and Princeton University


The 2019 US News American university rankings are coming! This ranking is very useful for students who are preparing to apply for admission in the fall of 2020. US News American University Rankings (Also knowns as 美国大学排名)is the most authoritative and influential ranking in the United States. This article will introduce three top 100 schools. These schools are University of Chicago, Boston University, and Princeton University. If you are not qualified for elite schools, but still want to get into Top 100 schools in U.S., do not miss the opportunity to apply one of the following schools. Good Luck!

University of Chicago芝加哥大学

The University of Chicago, referred to as UChicago, is located in Chicago, the US international financial center. Founded by the oil king John Rockefeller in 1890, the University of Chicago is known for its Nobel Prize winner. It is a world-renowned private research university and ranks among the top ten universities in the world. Many Chicago schools, including the Humanities and Social Sciences, such as the Chicago School of Economics, have emerged. More than 30% of the Nobel Prize winners in economics in the world are the most important in world economics and sociology. One of the research teaching centers. From the Manhattan Project, a large number of scientists gathered here, under the leadership of “Father of Atomic Energy” Fermi, established the world’s first nuclear reactor (“Chicago Pile 1”, Chicago Pile 1), successfully opened the era of human atomic energy, and The establishment of the first national laboratory in the United States Argonne National Laboratory and the famous Fermi laboratory, and then established the important position of the University of Chicago in the natural sciences.

Boston University (波士顿学院)

Boston University (BU), founded in 1839, is a long-established private university in the United States and the third-largest private university in the United States. It is located in downtown Boston, Massachusetts, and Harvard. The University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are opposite each other, nicknamed the “Boston Puppy” (the dog Terrier is also one of the school’s logo). Boston University became one of the 62 member schools of the Association of American Universities (AAU), the top university association in North America in 2012; in 2013, Boston University became a member of the Patriot League (a university alliance in the United States after the Ivy League). Boston University currently has nearly 30,000 students from 50 states and 125 countries around the world, including a total of 4,700 international students. The school has 15 colleges and offers more than 250 courses, including the nation’s top biomedical engineering, business, law, economics, medical prep. Taking an international and diversified management approach, the school attracts students from all over the world, making Boston University a famous institution of world cultural exchange, known as the “student’s paradise”.

Princeton University (普林斯顿大学

Princeton University, or Princeton, is a world-renowned private research university located in Princeton, New Jersey, and is one of eight Ivy League schools. Princeton University is most proud of undergraduate education. The ratio of teachers to students is 1:6. It is rare in universities across the United States. Because there are not many students, teachers have enough energy to care about their homework. Princeton undergraduate students can pursue two degrees: Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Engineering. The former is awarded to students majoring in humanities, social sciences and natural sciences; the latter is awarded to students majoring in engineering technology. The tutorial system is a feature of Princeton’s teaching. Most of the basic courses in the school are held in the large auditorium of 100 to 150 people, but each week students participate in small classes of 10 to 15 people. Or lead a teaching assistant to review the lessons learned during the week. These discussions led by teaching assistants or professors give students more room to understand the theory they have learned in class. The school’s educational characteristics are that undergraduates need to do independent research. All Bachelor of Arts candidates must complete an independent primary reporting project, as well as a high-level essay; candidates for engineering disciplines must complete preliminary independent research and write advanced papers.