What Are The Responsibilities of a Professional Carer?


If you live in Leicester and have a disability of some kind then, you probably receive help somehow, some people even have a professional carer helping them live a more comfortable life. But, what does a professional carer actually do and, what are their responsibilities? Let’s take a look and perhaps take a moment to appreciate what they do.

What is a professional carer

A professional carer is somebody that supports somebody with various tasks, in order to help them live a more independent life. That could mean anything from, a helping hand getting up and down stairs to somebody who is sick, elderly or has an incapacitating disability that requires somebody to do everything for them.

What does a Professional Carer do?

A carer is expected to undertake a variety of services as required by the client, each person will have a different set of needs, here are some typical tasks that are expected of a carer;

  • Carry out light household duties
  • Dispense medication
  • Support daily activities (e.g. looking at new stairlifts in Leicester, visiting the bank or going to the supermarket)
  • Accompany the person to an appointment
  • Help with social activities – (e.g. attending a fitness class or a swim session)
  • To Prepare meals
  • Helping a person to eat and clear up afterwards
  • Help showering or bathing
  • Help getting dressed, and maintaining their appearance

As you can see, a carers’ work is ‘potentially’ never done, depending on the needs of their client, they need to be able and prepared to do almost anything that is required of them.

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