What Differences Are There between Laminate Floors and Wood ones?


These days, there are two very popular choices people are making for new flooring solutions in their homes, and they are those of laminate and wood. They both have a wide appeal in the looks department and also in terms of their sturdy durability.

However, the major differences between laminate flooring and its wood counterpart is mostly in their composition.

  • For instance, laminate flooring is much easier to have installed than hardwood flooring, but then again some people prefer the look of finished wood.
  • Nearly all types of flooring, if selected with regards to surroundings, can easily pep up the looks of any home, and indeed, laminate and wood are the same in this respect.
  • Hardwood is sometimes deemed a superior choice, because of its visual appearance and it is a natural material.
  • But, there are some qualities that can indeed make laminate flooring a much better choice.
  • Laminate, for example, can be fitted directly on to practically every type of flooring surface.
  • They are available in panels and sheeting that is thinner than wood, which can be advantageous.

Costs, Structure and Design

  • Most people already know that top quality laminate flooring is much more cost friendly than its wood counterpart, and this alone can make it desirable enough as a flooring solution for a lot of people seeking new flooring.
  • Laminate flooring is composed of several layers of cellulose paper that have been combined with plastic resins.
  • This is what makes it so exceptionally strong and why laminate flooring has that praiseworthy scratch resistance it is famous for.

Range of Styles

  • The designs are often from photographs of real hardwood that fully reproduce the natural blends in colours and textures that you see in natural wood.
  • Below the layer of design is the core layer, providing the sturdy backbone of this type of flooring.
  • This is made from dense particle board, and has a balancing layer on the other side, made from the same resin and paper as its upper layer.

More Distinctions

  • You might just hear somewhere that layered hardwood flooring is what is called “engineered,” meaning that it has a hardwood exterior whilst the rest of it is constructed from other materials.
  • Whereas all other kinds are made totally from solid wood.
  • In the case of hardwood floors, they must be regularly sanded down and varnished, particularly in those areas where high-traffic is going on and where any dents and other blemishes occur.
  • Laminate floors do not suffer from such problems, and also do not look aged with wear.
  • There are some hardwood floors that get darker with time should they be exposed to bright light.
  • However, laminate and wood floors will in both cases provide any home with a very pleasing amount of visual enhancement, which can also greatly improve its home market value.

The choice is yours! Whichever type you go for, your home will be much better looking with it.