What you Have to Know about Bath Salts


Bath salts are ocean salts that rose in popularity in the recent years. However, these salts have been already used by ancient people for various purposes. These salts have mineral content that makes them different from ordinary salt. They are rich in sodium, magnesium and potassium that are necessary to improve skin health and function. But, these salts have other benefits more than just those it offers the skin.

Just like other products, bath sea salts are not made equal, especially when it comes to quality. Consumers have various options to choose from, from the purest to the ones that have gone through extensive processing.

Choosing the Best Salt for you

When choosing the bath salt that suits you, here are some helpful tips:

  • Go for all-natural. To ensure you are using salts, choose the product has natural ingredients. Only this option guarantees the nutrients and minerals you are after.
  • Get them in a crystalline form. Crystalline salts will not dry out your skin. Rock salts have sodium chloride which can eliminate skin moisture.
  • Go for finer grains. Bath salts differ when it comes to grain size. Choose the finer grains since they can be easily dissolved.
  • Pick the right color. Bath salt hues have important indications and they can have an impact on your desired results. In general, the salts with cool colors offer soothing effects and warm hues have energizing effects.
  • Choose your desired scent. Often, the salts are infused with essential oils and herbs and release some scents. But, there are also unscented salts.

Benefits of Bath Salts

These salts benefit the skin and the overall body. In terms of beauty essentials, you should include these salts in your list of priorities. Here are the major benefits of these salts:

  • Exfoliate the skin. The salts can be used for sloughing off dead skin cells for a smoother and moisturized skin.
  • Allow relaxation. A lot of beauty products leave the skin dry. But immersing in the salts can help in restoring the protective barrier of the skin to keep the skin moisturized.
  • Deal with skin issues. The anti-inflammatory properties of these salts make it able to ease skin irritations and breakouts. In turn, the skin oil is balanced, while keeping hydration in all layers.
  • Treat the scalp. For those who are looking to maintain a healthy scalp, the salts can get rid of dandruff and prevent fungal growth on the scalp.