What’s the Polaris Laser Wrinkle Treatment?


The Polaris Laser Wrinkle Treatment utilizes Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) in conjunction with radio frequencies so that you can sculpt the skin and muscles right into a tighter fit. This number of powers could be manipulated to focus on a specific area, that makes it simpler to lessen wrinkles.

Once the laser devices are switched on, the sunshine experiences your skin layer to achieve the tissue below it. The heated tissue then contracts. Furthermore, because of the heat, more wrinkle-reducing bovine collagen is created through the tissues. The quantity of energy used during the process is calibrated via computer.

Polaris when compared with Botox treatment

Botox treatment is an extremely popular approach to eliminate age indicators in the face. The injection could cause several negative effects that may be quite unsafe for your system. There’s a muscle paralyzing component within the Botox treatment injection. There’s a danger from the neurotoxins going past the intended area, which could be the explanation of difficulties in breathing along with other bodily processes.

However, the Polaris Laser Wrinkle Treatment doesn’t utilize neurotoxins. As stated earlier, the process is less aggressive. No incisions or injections need to be made on your face for that treatment.

Energy Combination versus. Singular Energy: Polaris and Thermage

Thermage is yet another illustration of a laser wrinkle treatment. Radiofrequency surf is filtered in to the face to be able to contour it better. This kind of treatment can establish results rapidly because of the deep transmission from the radio waves. However, this could also cause further harm to your skin.

The Polaris laser contains three different types of energy that are utilized in an average manner. Polaris treatments should be done one by one to make up for that short transmission depth from the laser. The mild frequency laser utilized in the Polaris procedure is stated to become safer than more serious lasers utilized in anything else.

The Benefits and drawbacks of Polaris

The Polaris treatment methods are easier kinds of pressing methods since it is non-invasive. It’s also generally safer than wrinkle treatment processes which involve incisions and injections. Bleeding and scarring, that are common cosmetic procedure negative effects, are reduced as well as eliminated using the Polaris treatment. Whether or not the patient feels flaming sensations underneath the face, the process is still less painful than other pressing methods.

However, the outcomes from the Polaris treatment would fade before long. Additionally, more severe wrinkle problems would need to be cured with methods apart from the Polaris treatment. Your skin constantly displays aging process whether one will get the Polaris treatment or otherwise. Because of this, patients need to get Polaris treatments several occasions to be able to keep up with the youthful appearance from the face.