Why Tons Of People Vape Weed Instead


Smoking cannabis is the most ancient way to consume cannabis and feel the mental effects born from the interaction between THC, CBD, and dozens of other cannabinoids. Humans have been doing it for literally thousands of years, and part of human nature is our attachment to tradition, so it’s no surprise that some people have a purist kind of attitude and look down upon the recent phenomenon of vaporization. If you’ve never had a chance to vape weed before, or haven’t heard of it, let’s talk about what that even means.

What Is Vaping?

Instead of burning all the plant matter to black ashy smithereens, it’s possible with modern technology to heat up dry herbs or concentrates to specific temperatures which render the cannabinoids and terpenes within into relatively benign vapor. This means you inhale way less foreign toxins, tar, and carcinogens into your lungs. This is possible through two main methods of heating, either conduction or convection. In short, conduction means the bud is heated from direct contact with a hot element, and convection means it is heated by air which cycles evenly around it in a compact space. Both methods have their pros and cons and technology has improved for each in monumental ways in recent years, so even portable devices can vape your weed efficiently to satisfaction.

So Why?

Well, the health benefits alone are enough to convince many people out there, but there’s a few other bonuses that come with vaping weed instead of smoking. For example, the smell from a vape is so much less pungent than smoke that you can get away with a quick session in places it’d be impossible to smoke a joint or pipe. It’s more lowkey when out in public too, and decreases your chances of ever having legal troubles from a measly few grams of bud. For some people, it’s the simple fact of the pure and untainted flavor which is incomparable to that of smoke. Even the most delicious bong rips you’ve had in your life don’t compare to the flavor of vapor.

If humans have evolved intellectually to the point of developing technology which can vaporize cannabis for medical and recreational users, why shouldn’t we take advantage of that fact?