Will Implant Color Match My Natural Teeth? 


Dental implants are one of the most effective dental treatments that help us restore our natural smile. It helps to replace the missing tooth, and after the healing process is over, it seems like a natural tooth. However, people still need to be convinced about how dental implants match their natural teeth. 

So, in this article, we will analyze whether dental implants can match the natural color of the teeth or not. If you are in Northeast Philadelphia looking for any options for missing teeth, you can visit an NE Philly dental implants center. 

How are Implants Matched with Natural Teeth? 

Implants require special attention, especially when replacements are needed for front teeth. If there are missing teeth in the front areas, you need to match the exact color of the natural teeth. Therefore, dental implants are made using porcelain to mimic the look of natural teeth. 

The implants will be made either entirely of porcelain or metal-infused porcelain to mimic the natural teeth. It is the popular choice among the doctors because of its semi-translucency. Porcelain catches and reflects the light similarly to regular and natural teeth, and therefore, it is preferable to doctors. 

In addition to porcelain, there is a perfect impression of the teeth that helps in fitting the implants precisely with the natural teeth. After this, there is the matching of exact color, shade, tiny ridges, and waves similar to natural teeth to provide a realistic appearance to the implant. So, in this way, the implants match the natural teeth exactly. 

Can Implant Color be Changed? 

Dental implants provide a very close look to natural teeth, but there are certain limitations to them. Dental implants cannot be whitened as natural teeth can whiten or change their color. 

The implants are made up of non-porous material that ensures that they do not change color as fast as natural teeth, and, therefore, they will also not become white. 

If there are any cases in which you are not satisfied with the implanted color, then it is better to change the crown so that you can have a new color matching your natural color. If you change the crown, it will be more suitable for you, and therefore, you can rely on this method. 

However, it is always recommended that you consult an expert dentist before deciding which is the suitable option for implants for your missing tooth. They have worked in this field for years, and therefore, you can take advantage of their experience. 

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